You’ve felt abandoned by God. No matter how hard you have prayed to be healed, your heart remains in pieces. You are tired of how the past creeps up into your day to day life. The struggles in your relationships have keep you in a place of sadness and loneliness.

You are a person of faith, but you feel more ruled by the pain, anger and resentment than you would like to admit. Your partner takes the brunt of the past wounds that never healed for you because it’s so hard to trust and try again to have a better life than what you have had in the past.

I help women who dreamed of a better life than their childhood experience but now live in a nightmare (even though nobody knows they feel this way).

You deserve to have a life beyond survival, one where you can thrive as God intended.

Through Christian counseling, together we will:

  • Identify and understand confusing feelings

  • Improve your communication

  • Strengthen connection and create a healthier bond with your loved ones and God

  • Learn how to enjoy time together and security in time apart

Let the healing begin within.

Healing for yourself, your relationship with your partner and with God can begin with just one click. It’s time to get the support and guidance you need to overcome your past pain and step into a new direction for your life. Call (619) 500-4653 or click here to get started.