Every day you wake up to spend time in prayer but you still feel empty. There are so many excruciating memories from your past that are hard to escape. From nightmares to flashbacks, memories pop up but you push them away to try to get through the day. It's hard to trust anyone, let alone a life partner.

Everyone around you is building their lives while you are just trying to get through the day without being hurt or reminded of the past pain.

I help Christian women who are struggling with the painful memories of childhood sexual abuse and other past pain to equip them to make sense of their pain, empower them with healthier coping skills, provide them with the tools to build trust and connection in their relationships and to support them on their healing journey.

If you are ready to move through the pain into a life of peace, calm and confidence and one that God intends for you to have, contact me for a free consult and I will help you develop a plan that makes sense for you to begin your healing journey.

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